Duke Lemur Center Publishes Life History Dataset

Duke Lemur Center published 48 years of life history data on the Center's animals this month in Nature Scientific Data. With data for more than 4000 animals comprising 27 strepsirrhine species, this looks to be a real goldmine for primatologists! Life history variables include body mass, age at first reproduction, number of offspring, median age at death and maximum age at death. The data record relationships among animals, allowing for the reconstruction of pedigrees, and also include information regarding the existance of any biological samples available for individuals. Duke expects to update the database regularly.

The data can be found at:


and on the Lemur's Center website along with additional descriptive information:


I should note that I had not known about Nature Scientific Data, which apparently is a new Nature initiative to mediate access to high quality datasets and which promises to be quite a valuable resource!

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